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Fondant Powder Premix - Chocolate Flavor

Fondant Powder Premix - Chocolate Flavor

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Powder premix to prepare WHITE colored Fondant in VANILLA flavor.

Flat-bottom Doypack bag x 1,750 kg

It makes 2,030 kg of ready-to-use pasta.

The best part?

No waste! 🙌♻️ You prepare only what you need to use and save what's left over for a next use. Forget about pasta that dries out in its container!
Simple to prepare: simply mix 30 g of water and 10 g of neutral oil per 250 g of premix, and you can enjoy a smooth and delicious paste. 😋✨
Easy to color: You can give it a touch of color during the moisturizing and kneading process. 🎨🌈
Incredible texture and flavor: In just a few minutes you will have a flexible and ductile dough ready to use.
Preservation and storage: Close the container with its zip lock type sliding closure and store the remaining premix in a cool, dry place.
Preparation instructions: Easy to follow, on the back of the package.
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