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Dust Color Fat Soluble Edible Powder Colorant Gift Box x60

Dust Color Fat Soluble Edible Powder Colorant Gift Box x60

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New DustColor Collection x 60 colors in a gift box!

The new LIPOSOLUBLE edible powder dyes are irresistible!

What is Liposoluble? It means that the coloring dissolves in fatty media, such as CHOCOLATE. DustColor does this evenly, uniformly and quickly once incorporated into the preparation.

Find yourself with a wide range of preparations that will benefit from these new colourings.

Ideal for: Covered chocolates, pastry baths, cocoa butter, ganaches, truffles, butter creams, whipped cream, and all preparations with a high fat content.

Each DustColor pot has 10cm3 of highly concentrated dye that yields up to 1kg of preparation.

-DustColor - Steel

-DustColor - Water

-DustColor - Poppy

-DustColor - Mist

-DustColor - Cappuccino

-DustColor - Eucalyptus

-DustColor - Pearl Gray

-DustColor - Ice

-DustColor - Mallow

-DustColor - Mango

-DustColor - Honey

-DustColor - Moss

-DustColor - Daffodil

-DustColor - Nude

-DustColor - Papaya

-DustColor - Fir Tree

-DustColor - Pistachio

-DustColor - Black Rose

-DustColor - Sage Green

-DustColor - Sorbette Pink

-DustColor - Thyme Green

-DustColor - Terracotta

-DustColor - Wheat Yellow

-DustColor - Violet

-DustColor - Lilac

-DustColor - Beet

-DustColor - Pink

-DustColor - Green

-DustColor - Olive Green

-DustColor - Water Green

-DustColor - Sea Green

-DustColor - Lime Green

-DustColor - Ocean Blue

-DustColor - French Blue

-DustColor - Yellow

-DustColor - Tomato Red

-DustColor - Garnet Red

-DustColor - Orange

-DustColor - White

-DustColor - Black

-DustColor - Pastel Light Blue

-DustColor - Pastel Pink

-DustColor - Fuchsia

-DustColor - Mustard

-DustColor - Coral

-DustColor - Juniper

-DustColor - Antique Pink

-DustColor - Turquoise

-DustColor - Autumn Brown

-Dust Color - Malbec

-DustColor - Lavender

-DustColor - Bluish Black

-DustColor - Licorice

-DustColor - Coconut

-DustColor - Hazelnut

-DustColor - Almond

-DustColor - Chalk

-DustColor - Glycine

-DustColor - Pastel Yellow

-DustColor - Aztec Yellow

(Each pot contains 10cm3 of Dustcolor dye)
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